Former Dutch game designer W!Games (later bought by Vanguard Games) is perhaps most famous for its title Greed Corp.

Greed Corp was the first title issued by W! Games to take place in their game universe known as Mistbound.

In single player mode, Greed Corp players took on the role of one of four factions trying to take control of Mistbound using one of twenty-four different maps.

The multiplayer mode is where the game is really meant to be at its best. In this mode there are thirty-six maps, and players can square off against each other as rival factions, each trying to be the greediest in its quest for total control. Up to four players can take part at a time, either locally, online, or with a computer control.

Greed Corp first premiered on PlayStation in early 2010. Before the end of the year was through, W! Games merged with Karami to form Vanguard Games, which in turn merged with Force Field in 2016.