How Changing Times Are Changing The Landscape of Video Games

As times start changing, we have begun to see a shift in the way video games are designed. This is because the designers of today have had very different childhoods from the designers of yesterday. We have begun to think of life in a more digital manner, for no other reason than we tend to live our lives in digital realms more and more as the years go by.

Video Games Emulating Real Life

One game in particular that would catch your fancy is called Mystic Messenger. We are all familiar with the perils of dating, and in our modern day and age dating has become digitized with the presence of dating apps such as Tinder and the like. Mystic Messenger is a game that simulated the dating experience.

This story involves a central protagonist obviously portrayed by you who discovers a secret app that shows them that there are about five people out there that they could spend the rest of their life with. The game has some pretty incredible realism, with you getting actual push notifications when you get messages within the game.

The Simulation of Coming of Age Experiences

Another game that you should look into if this is the sort of feel you are going for is called Cibele. The reason this particular game has made so many waves is because it emulates the experience of playing a massive multiplayer online role playing game such as World of Warcraft.

You get to experience some surprisingly real encounters while playing this game. This is because the protagonist of the game, a developer by the name of Nina Freeman, is developing romantic feelings towards someone that she has never met, someone that she frequently interacts with while playing the game.

What is truly compelling about the game is that you don’t really know how genuine the character you are falling in love with, Ichi, truly is. You find out that his real name is Blake but there is not much else you know about him. This resonates quite strongly because all of us have felt the same way while making friends online. There is always that sense of paranoia, the fear that the person you are talking to may not be all that they claim to be.

Beyond Our Childhood Games

Our emotional experiences as we grew up were certainly not limited to playing games and such. We were the first generation to truly communicate without being face to face using instant messaging.

Hence, we all have pretty good memories of instant messaging and the like. These memories are what “Emily is Away” try to bring to the fore. You can listen to people that are having a tough time in their lives by offering to be their shoulder to cry on. You also get the chance to reconnect with old family members or people that have become distant from you, and interacting with the game makes the plot so much more engaging.

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