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Word Game Paradise - Crosswords and Riddles

Word Game Paradise offers riddles, cryptic crosswords and quick crosswords in English, as well as information on learning English and French and anagrams to solve in both languages.

You may wish to download our latest English cryptic crosswords:

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Three of my favourite original riddles are:


It is in cartoons and cartography,
It completed Mozart, joins each party.
(3 letters)


Made of fifteen thousand iron pieces
Sold twice by Victor, quite a purchase!
(2 words)


A year soon to be starts and ends the same,
Good vision of it is revealed in my name.
(4 digits)




Scroll down for the answers to the word games.




Word Game Answers

1.  Art (Cartoons, Cartography, Mozart, party)

2.  The Eiffel Tower (Victor Lustig was a con man who pretended to sell the Eiffel Tower twice for scrap metal).

3. 2020 (20/20 means good vision)