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Riddles from The Da Vinci Game

The Da Vinci Game

Four original challenges from the creators of The Da Vinci Game, see

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Da Vinci Game Codex


A cryptic riddle, the answer will be a word.

A mystical creature with single horn,
Pure and magical, of innocence born.

(7 letters)

Logic riddle

Logic Key

A clue, riddle or code, the answer will be a number.

What is this seven digit number?

Number puzzle

Geography riddle Rose

The answer will be  a  country or place.

Island outback with remarkable rocks,
Named for an animal that’s known to box.

Vitruvian man riddle

Vitruvian Man

An anagram of a creative work or a director, actor, etc.

Anagram: I'll wave the machine
Came from Wells, swept away by Rivers (3,3,11)







Codex:  Unicorn

Logic Key:  7243427 (Each symbol is a mirror-image of a number)

Rose:  Kangaroo Island

Vitruvian Man:  The New Machiavelli